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rko_jfac's Journal

For all your Centon desires.
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This is a place for writer's to spread their joys for slash. If you don't know what slash is, I suggest you look it up. This is basically a community that was thought up by a few friends who put it together. All maintainers expect other's to enjoy this site as much as we will.

We're not here to judge, or critize. We're not here to cause drama either. Basic rules apply..
- No bashing John Cena or Randy Orton. What happens in this community is fake (or we think so at least)

- No giving out personal AIM/MSN/Myspace/WHATEVER of them. We don't want to stalk them. Just slash them.

- No causing drama. The moderator's will kick you out.

- Keep all pictures, fan art and fan fiction behind cuts.

- Use the rating systen. (G to NC-17)

- For the love of God, if a story contains rape, slash, drug use, so on. Use a warning.

- Respect other's. Don't judge another writer.

- All fanfic must CENTER around Randy and John somehow. There can be more people involved in the story, but they have to make some kind of contact..

Author's Notes:

** Graphic & Art pretty much stick to the same format, just make sure you post if it's a Fic, Art or Graphic in the subject.
MODS: Pixie & Jake

AFFILIATES: cenaortonmylove & centon_100

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